Friday, 25 December 2009

Happy Christmas!

Happy Christmas everyone - hope you have a great day! I shall be posting more in the future, I promise :D I see a 2010 resolution in the making...

May your day be merry and bright!

Wednesday, 28 October 2009


I have a basic idea of what my NaNo novel is going to be about. Now, I need character names! The main characters are a brother and a sister, and I think I'm going for Jesse for the brother. I'm struggling to think of a girl's name for his sister, so I'm throwing it to anyone who has any ideas...

Please?! :D

I also need a surname, ya know, if you think of any!

*Cross-Posted to 'Family Portrait' blog.*

Saturday, 24 October 2009

Writing writing writing

So, I'm actually blogging again :D I'm sorry for the extended leave, I'm just useless. In writing news, Snap Shot has reached 56k, and I'm hoping to finish it by Christmas! Yay!

I may be updating my general blog a little more often than this as I start NaNo next week, so here's the link in case you want to take a look -

Best go and get some writing done!

Sunday, 21 June 2009

Writer's Block

Perhaps I shouldn't set goals; since I posted this I have been suffering from writer's block (which I blogged about here) and so have not managed to do that well in writing.

The first chapter of FP has been edited twice, however - including a whole rewrite of the first paragraph. Quick excerpt time, I think: please let me know if you feel this would or wouldn't hook you as the first two paragraphs (possibly prologue) of a book, and why!

When she ended up climbing from her window sill to the first branch she could reach, Imogen Meyer felt no guilt. She’d never much liked living by the rules. Sure, it wasn’t the easiest exit route from her new home, but she didn’t fancy running into her new family, which she undoubtedly would if she took the traditional way out. Besides, she reckoned she needed the practice; it wouldn’t be long before the Kingsleys were doing her head in – she knew it.
It was only a short period of escapism – she didn’t want her new family to notice she was gone – but it was enough to satisfy her for one evening. The house felt stuffy, overcrowded. There were so many new people she had to get to know, and pretend to like; she wondered for a moment if all the hassle was worth it. Angrily she dismissed this thought; she knew it was worth it. As much as she hated the prospect of living in this house, with these people, she’d have done it twice over if her little sister had needed her to. Abby had always been the most important thing in Imogen’s life; Imogen was not going to let her down just because she was faced with a difficult decision.

And, my word count for this week (well, just over a week, since I set the goals on Friday and it's now Sunday): 4000 words. Half my goal, but the goal was really a stab in the dark - and I have had writer's block. Now that it's cured, however (see the blog post here for how I managed that!) I'm off to write! =]

Friday, 12 June 2009


Ok, so, a couple of writing blogs I read set out weekly goals every week, so I have decided to do the same thing - it seems like a sensible way of getting motivated, although I'm actually pretty motivated writing-wise at the minute! I wish some of that motivation could be for school work, but unfortunately it's not :s

It'll also give me a reason to blog twice weekly! So, my goals for the coming week - a little premature, I know, but hey - are:

8,000 words on Snap Shot.
Now, the amount I write a week varies ridiculously, so I'm not sure how I'm gonna get on with a set number of words to hit, but we'll see what happens!

Edit chapter one of Family Portrait
I have a lot of friends reading FP at the minute, so I'm waiting for any feedback, but I've got some great feedback on Absolute Write, so I think I'm going to attempt to improve Chapter One this week, and make it a more exciting opening to the book.

So, I'll let you know how I get on with those!

Friday, 29 May 2009


Long time, no post - too much going on! I have in my absence, however, come up with titles for the sequel and 3rd book (yes, I'm now planning a trilogy!) and so I shall reveal them here:

Family Portrait
Snap Shot
Camera Shy.

More updates soon!

Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Quick Update

Okay, so I have finished my first round of edits on Family Portrait! Basically, I read through the whole thing, making sure it made sense, changing words that seemed wrong and fixing punctuation/grammar/typing errors. It's now with a couple of 'beta' readers - some who I know in real life and some which I don't - and so I will let you know what they say! For now, I will let it rest for a while, perhaps using my time to study...or start a new book. I wonder which idea will win.. =]

Now, it's nearly 2am, I probably should go to sleep! Before I do, just a quick link - check out the Teens Writing for Teens (TWFT) blog, that I am now a part of =]

Monday, 18 May 2009

Name changes and good news!

Ok, so since the extracts were posted on here, there have been some major changes in Family Portrait - and that's because I decided the names just didn't work. Having begun editing, I decided that the names weren't quite right, and so now the main character is called Imogen. Hopefully this won't be too confusing when I next post an extract!

Now, the goods news: L has emailed me, and he liked it!! I thought I'd post the email here for you, because, hey, I'm happy!

Dear Becky

Just to let you know that I have read your Chapter 1 and am very impressed with the verve and vitality of the writing. You have a voice, which is the absolutely essential component of writing talent - the rest can be learned. I liked your story because it appeals so strongly to the heart, and does not let up in that respect. I imagine the ongoing story will reveal the domestic and family environment history that Imogen and Abby have lost, as well as showing how the two evolve in their relationship with Ella's new adoptive family [with all its crossflows and undercurrents]. I have the impression of a book which tells of a tragedy and explores the courage and spirit of a teenage girl/young woman who has yet to come to terms with what has happened. A see-sawing perhaps between two family environments - the one lost, the other found, and the search for a point of balance. There is bags of room here for development, and there seems to be a strong gestalt. You should definitely have faith in your writing.

With best wishes

He also put a PS saying he'd be happy to read some more, so I'm planning on printing off the next couple of chapters for him when I go back to school after study leave.

Right, off to edit some more now - 15 chapters to go!

Friday, 15 May 2009

He liked it!

So, I gave the first two chapters of my manuscript to the professor guy - from here on known as 'L', because I have a feeling his surname begins with an L - and then wandered over to a different table in the library in order to do some revision. About five minutes later he came over, and said he'd only read the first couple of paragraphs but that he loved the opening and thought I had a really great voice! So, I was very pleased, and got back to my revision with a smile.

Then, about five minutes after that, he came over again, and asked me for my email address so that he could email me some feedback. I gave it to him, and then he came over again and asked whether it was based on my life. I said no, it's purely fictional, and he said that that was even more impressive, as it seemed so realistic and plausible that he thought it was! Eek!

Saw him again today, as I was in school for an exam, and he said that he hadn't got round to reading the rest yet - he assured me it wasn't that it was unimportant, he was just very busy - but that he was going to read it over the weekend and give me some feedback. So I'm looking forward to what he has to say!

On other book news, a friend of the family heard I'd written a book, and begged to be able to read it - so I'm sending him chapters as I edit them. He's loving it too, which is really positive, as he's definitely not the target audience, and said I paint a very vivid picture, and he can't wait to find out what happens next. It's great to know that people don't just think it's rubbish!

The editing's going well - having someone badgering me for chapters is really useful - and I should have it ready for some beta readers ready soon! 14/38 chapters edited so far! I'll update as soon as I hear back from L :)

Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Interesting Development!

I was sat in my school library the other day and, surprisingly, I wasn't revising. No, I was discussing the recent edits I've made to 'Family Portrait' with a friend J, who has been reading and editing it for me. We were discussing the idea of introducing a prologue (something a nice Twiftie on Absolute Write suggested!) when a man interrupted us.

This man is (I think) a Professor, but all I know about him is that he comes into our school to work with years 9-11 on English skills, in one-to-one sessions. I also had heard that he'd been published, but thought nothing of it. So, he interrupts us because he'd heard what I'd said, and asked "have you written a book?" so I said yes, and he asked some more questions (it's title, genre, how long it is, etc.) Then he said he was always very impressed at young people who manage to finish a book. Then he asked if I was at that sixth form, and I said yes, and he said he'd love to have a look at some of my novel and give me some feedback! So, I got on with my work, thinking that it would be great to get some feedback from someone who works in English and has been published - although more than a little scary!

Then, as I got up to leave, he said "I'm here again on Thursday, if you want to give me the first few pages I'd love to take a look. And I have a lot of friends and contacts who are agents, so I could really help you out." !!!! So, I'm giving it to him tomorrow - I've been editing it manically, so here's hoping he likes it and wants to help me! :)

Friday, 8 May 2009

Extract Central!

I've been doing some editing today, so I decided it was time for another extract. This is from a scene where the main character's adopted uncle gets married. The relationships between everyone are a little confusing when you haven't read the whole book, but hopefully you'll enjoy this little excerpt anyway!

The flashing of bulbs began, and then there was no stopping them: the bride and groom; a group shot with the bridesmaids and the best man; all the kids together; the newly-weds with the kids; parents of the bride and groom; all the family together, in what was essentially a family portrait. Millie and William were central, all the children in front of them. Ella, Mary-Ann and Sara stood to one side, Aaron and Naseem to the other. Everyone in the portrait had the surname Kingsley – one of the only characteristics you could apply to all ten of them!

And, here is the blurb I've written, to give you a general idea of the book!

Two very different families are about to collide, and no-one knows what the consequences are going to be. Mary-Ann Mendora has a past shrouded in mystery, and she couldn’t be less suited to the sweet, squeaky-clean Ella Kingsley and her family if she tried. As she tries to make the best of her new life, will her past return to haunt her, and ruin the life she’s beginning to build? And will discover that the Kingsleys aren’t all quite as squeaky-clean as they appear? One thing’s for sure – the Mendoras’ and Kingsleys’ lives will never be quite the same again…

Thursday, 7 May 2009

Motivation for Editing

So, it's been a busy week - exams, revision and homework are, very rudely, encroaching on my writing time! I think it's a positive I finished my first draft before the exams started, however - there is less of a pull to edit than there is to keep writing! I have some shiny new ideas, but I'm trying to just outline them briefly and then ignore them, as I need - and want - to get editing.

So, I've bought three A5 ring binders. I type on A5 (don't know why, I just prefer it!) I have several friends who want to read 'Family Portrait', and when they do, I plan on printing off three copies - hence the ringbinders. Hopefully having them sat there will force me to edit, as I will not be letting anyone read the first draft until I've edited it!

Now, I have some free lessons tomorrow: revision, or editing? I'm afraid of which I may choose!

Friday, 1 May 2009


Okay, it's late and I should be asleep as I have work early tomorrow, but I had to post... I've finished! The first draft of Family Portrait is now complete =] I am very very happy - it's been a long time! I will probably be too hyped to sleep, but oh well!

I have done a word count of everything I've written for this book, and it's ended up at over 91,000 words. However, I decided tonight that a section I wrote just didn't quite work, and ruined the book a bit, and so the first version now stands at around 86,000 words. But I already have a sequel planned out, so all the cut bits will most porbably end up in there.

Right, I must sleep. Just had to post it!

90,000 words!

Well, last night I hit 90,000 words in my novel. It's getting to be a pretty long Young Adult novel! A friend of mine who looks through it all for me and checks for any obvious errors is banning me from going over 95k, but I think I should be alright - only two chapters left to write, I reckon! Very close to tying up the loose ends now (well, not all of them, as I've already started planning a sequel!) and I'm quite excited that I will have finished writing a book - even if it needs to be seriously edited and revised!

Tonight I plan to work on it more, and so you never know, I may be posting here pretty soon saying the first draft is done. When I get into it, I tend to go pretty mad! I've been keeping a daily word count, and realised that I have written 10,000 words in the last nine days. A ninth of my book in nine days! It's probably good I go through periods of writing quite a bit, because then I also go through periods of having no time at all to write - although, with exams coming up, this should really be one of those times! Still, it seems like the home stretch now...I sort of want to get to the end of the first draft!

I will do a synopsis of the story in a blog post soon, but for now, I'm going to post another little excerpt:

Before Joshua had even seen it coming, Devon was responding to the attempted punch - and his was certainly more successful.

Two sisters gasped. Two brothers fought. Two mothers exited their homes and looked on in horror, as the two boys who were clearly no strangers to fighting continued to pummel, dodge and taunt one another. Over their shouts, and Mary-Ann and Mae’s worried calls, no-one heard Cecilia muttering to herself, before turning her back on the fight and walking back to the house, intent on phoning the police.

“I told you no good would come from hanging around with Kingsley scum.”

Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Extract and new word count

Ok, so I've updated the ticker thing again (it was a choice once more between homework and writing, and I chose writing!) and I thought I'd post an extract. This is a part that I've just written, and it's from near the end of the novel, featuring the main character Mary-Ann, and her boyfriend, Devon.

And it was then, in that precise second, with the rain crashing down over her, the door in front of her, and her heart pounding harder than it ever had before, that she realised that she didn’t care: what he’d done, what he might do – it didn’t affect her, it didn’t bother her. She loved him. She could live with anything he’d said, anything people said about him – with her past, she was hardly an angel herself – and she could live happily. All she knew, even more so with every beat of her heart, every pulse of blood travelling at break-neck speed through her veins, was that she could not live without him. This was it – what people told of, what films portrayed, what the masses could only dream of: true, unrequited, unconditional…love. Yes, she’d said she loved him before, and at the time she thought she’d meant it, but it was now that she realised she couldn’t have meant it: how can you mean something if you don’t even fully understand it? And she hadn’t then – but she did now.

Her young age, lack of experience, these were not the reasons for the intensity of this feeling, and she knew it. This was not just lust. It had been lust, yes – that first day, when she had sat next to him, and her thoughts had been dominated by his looks: that was lust. When she’d first kissed him, it was lust-fuelled, but already it was turning into something more. And now…there was lust there, of course there was, physical attraction certainly figured in love. But this crashing, crushing wave of emotion, where she knew that that there was no way she could cope if she wasn’t with him, didn’t have his voice to look forward to, or his arms to comfort her – didn’t have his calming, soothing words when things went wrong, or his dark humour that brightened up her days – why, then it would all be pointless. Getting away with everything she’d gotten away with, putting up with the Kingsleys, spending all this time with Devon, all pointless if, after falling in love with him, she ended up breaking up with him…

“DEVON!” It was not the only sound that rattled through Wiltshire: her fist, raining down upon the door, accompanied it. “DEVON!” she screamed once more, her brain screaming it too, not able to think about what would happen if he didn’t answer…he had to, she needed him to. She hadn’t realised it before, but somewhere along the line she’d become totally dependent on him: his life and hers, she wasn’t sure they could be separate, that she could distinguish them any more. She needed him like she needed air to breath – and she wasn’t giving up without a fight. Whatever faced them in the future, she was fighting for it. And then the door wrenched open.

And here's the updated word count!

Monday, 27 April 2009

Why, oh why?

Why is it that when faced with doing homework and writing a novel, I always, always, seem to choose the novel option? I reckon it's the same for most teens who are trying to write a book, but I have to say, it's down-right difficult: I have an essay to do tonight, but insead I'm writing another chapter. Well, no, I was writing another chapter, but then I thought 'I really shouldn't be doing this', so I stopped writing the chapter, and instead...wrote on this blog. Yes, teen authors do not make the best students, I have found!

I thought this ticker was quite cool, so I'll be posting it to chart my progress. As you can see, it's goin well! I've said I'm aiming for 90,000, because I reckon that's what it'll end up at: 90,000 just won't cut it! I have reached the 85,000 mark, and so am hoping to be finished on ym first draft soon! My aim is June 1st, so I will let you know how I get on with that.

I've found a great site called Absolute Write - any budding authors should definitley check it out!

Right, I'm off to do some homework - oh, hell, why lie: I'm going to finish chapter thrity-two. =]

Saturday, 25 April 2009

Unknown Genre

Okay, so this blog is going to be dedicated to the novel I'm currently working on, titled 'Family Portrait'. It's currently at around 80,000 words (which is about 265 A5 pages) and is hopefully on its way to completion. I plan to write a sequel as soon as I'm finished writing and editing this one because, even if it never gets published, I love writing it!

A little background to the story, why I'm writing it and why there's going to be a sequel: firstly, the whole story stemmed from a roleplay site I was on. Whilst the names, storylines and characteristics have changed, the idea of the Kingsley family (who are the main family of the story) grew from my roleplaying days - a great way, in my opinion, for a book to start. Think about it: you get to play the characters you end up writing about, and so you know everything about them, and how they would react to any situation. You've also created a backstory for them. Perfect! I'm writing it because I love writing; I started it a couple of years ago, but have written the bulk of it this year: at the beginning of this year (when I made it my New Years' Resolution to finish it - the first New Years' Resolution I've EVER been on track to keeping!) the novel was around 20,000 words. I'm pretty pleased with fitting 60k in around work, school and homework! And the reason for the sequel? I have too many ideas! I planned out how the novel would go, and soon realised it would be an epic, not a novel, if I decided to cram it all into one book. Hence, there will now be more than one. Although I have no idea for the next one's title. Yet.

I'm going to do a whole blog post on the premise of the book, and the blurb for it, so I won't here, I'll just give you the tag line: "Are the Kingsleys ready for Mary-Ann Mendora? More importantly, is she ready for them?" I haven't a clue yet what genre it would be classed as, other than Young Adult (YA). Still working on how to class it...

So, I'm writing for the hell of it, but I am planning on trying to get it published once I'm done - afterall, after all that work, I might as well give it a go! I'm not going to spend too long on here now because I want to get back to the novel - but this blog is really a form of procrastination for me. I procrastinate a lot. Or think of it as a cure for writers' block!

Oh, and who am I? I'm Becky, and I'm 17 - but I want this blog to be all about the book, so for my actual life (what I have of one after going to school, work, doing essays/revision and writing a novel!) if you're at all interested, check out my other blog.