Wednesday, 28 October 2009


I have a basic idea of what my NaNo novel is going to be about. Now, I need character names! The main characters are a brother and a sister, and I think I'm going for Jesse for the brother. I'm struggling to think of a girl's name for his sister, so I'm throwing it to anyone who has any ideas...

Please?! :D

I also need a surname, ya know, if you think of any!

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Saturday, 24 October 2009

Writing writing writing

So, I'm actually blogging again :D I'm sorry for the extended leave, I'm just useless. In writing news, Snap Shot has reached 56k, and I'm hoping to finish it by Christmas! Yay!

I may be updating my general blog a little more often than this as I start NaNo next week, so here's the link in case you want to take a look -

Best go and get some writing done!