Thursday, 7 May 2009

Motivation for Editing

So, it's been a busy week - exams, revision and homework are, very rudely, encroaching on my writing time! I think it's a positive I finished my first draft before the exams started, however - there is less of a pull to edit than there is to keep writing! I have some shiny new ideas, but I'm trying to just outline them briefly and then ignore them, as I need - and want - to get editing.

So, I've bought three A5 ring binders. I type on A5 (don't know why, I just prefer it!) I have several friends who want to read 'Family Portrait', and when they do, I plan on printing off three copies - hence the ringbinders. Hopefully having them sat there will force me to edit, as I will not be letting anyone read the first draft until I've edited it!

Now, I have some free lessons tomorrow: revision, or editing? I'm afraid of which I may choose!

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