Friday, 1 May 2009

90,000 words!

Well, last night I hit 90,000 words in my novel. It's getting to be a pretty long Young Adult novel! A friend of mine who looks through it all for me and checks for any obvious errors is banning me from going over 95k, but I think I should be alright - only two chapters left to write, I reckon! Very close to tying up the loose ends now (well, not all of them, as I've already started planning a sequel!) and I'm quite excited that I will have finished writing a book - even if it needs to be seriously edited and revised!

Tonight I plan to work on it more, and so you never know, I may be posting here pretty soon saying the first draft is done. When I get into it, I tend to go pretty mad! I've been keeping a daily word count, and realised that I have written 10,000 words in the last nine days. A ninth of my book in nine days! It's probably good I go through periods of writing quite a bit, because then I also go through periods of having no time at all to write - although, with exams coming up, this should really be one of those times! Still, it seems like the home stretch now...I sort of want to get to the end of the first draft!

I will do a synopsis of the story in a blog post soon, but for now, I'm going to post another little excerpt:

Before Joshua had even seen it coming, Devon was responding to the attempted punch - and his was certainly more successful.

Two sisters gasped. Two brothers fought. Two mothers exited their homes and looked on in horror, as the two boys who were clearly no strangers to fighting continued to pummel, dodge and taunt one another. Over their shouts, and Mary-Ann and Mae’s worried calls, no-one heard Cecilia muttering to herself, before turning her back on the fight and walking back to the house, intent on phoning the police.

“I told you no good would come from hanging around with Kingsley scum.”

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  1. Well done on hitting 90,000 words, what an acheivement. It sounds like you'll soon have completed your first draft :)

    I really like the extract and I think your repetition of 'two' at the start of the second paragraph is very effective. Looking forward to reading more extracts and the synopsis.

    Moll x x