Sunday, 21 June 2009

Writer's Block

Perhaps I shouldn't set goals; since I posted this I have been suffering from writer's block (which I blogged about here) and so have not managed to do that well in writing.

The first chapter of FP has been edited twice, however - including a whole rewrite of the first paragraph. Quick excerpt time, I think: please let me know if you feel this would or wouldn't hook you as the first two paragraphs (possibly prologue) of a book, and why!

When she ended up climbing from her window sill to the first branch she could reach, Imogen Meyer felt no guilt. She’d never much liked living by the rules. Sure, it wasn’t the easiest exit route from her new home, but she didn’t fancy running into her new family, which she undoubtedly would if she took the traditional way out. Besides, she reckoned she needed the practice; it wouldn’t be long before the Kingsleys were doing her head in – she knew it.
It was only a short period of escapism – she didn’t want her new family to notice she was gone – but it was enough to satisfy her for one evening. The house felt stuffy, overcrowded. There were so many new people she had to get to know, and pretend to like; she wondered for a moment if all the hassle was worth it. Angrily she dismissed this thought; she knew it was worth it. As much as she hated the prospect of living in this house, with these people, she’d have done it twice over if her little sister had needed her to. Abby had always been the most important thing in Imogen’s life; Imogen was not going to let her down just because she was faced with a difficult decision.

And, my word count for this week (well, just over a week, since I set the goals on Friday and it's now Sunday): 4000 words. Half my goal, but the goal was really a stab in the dark - and I have had writer's block. Now that it's cured, however (see the blog post here for how I managed that!) I'm off to write! =]

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