Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Interesting Development!

I was sat in my school library the other day and, surprisingly, I wasn't revising. No, I was discussing the recent edits I've made to 'Family Portrait' with a friend J, who has been reading and editing it for me. We were discussing the idea of introducing a prologue (something a nice Twiftie on Absolute Write suggested!) when a man interrupted us.

This man is (I think) a Professor, but all I know about him is that he comes into our school to work with years 9-11 on English skills, in one-to-one sessions. I also had heard that he'd been published, but thought nothing of it. So, he interrupts us because he'd heard what I'd said, and asked "have you written a book?" so I said yes, and he asked some more questions (it's title, genre, how long it is, etc.) Then he said he was always very impressed at young people who manage to finish a book. Then he asked if I was at that sixth form, and I said yes, and he said he'd love to have a look at some of my novel and give me some feedback! So, I got on with my work, thinking that it would be great to get some feedback from someone who works in English and has been published - although more than a little scary!

Then, as I got up to leave, he said "I'm here again on Thursday, if you want to give me the first few pages I'd love to take a look. And I have a lot of friends and contacts who are agents, so I could really help you out." !!!! So, I'm giving it to him tomorrow - I've been editing it manically, so here's hoping he likes it and wants to help me! :)


  1. That is so totally awesome. I hope it works out for you.

  2. That's great news :D
    I hope all goes well, please keep us updated.

    Moll x x

  3. It's gone really well so far; I'll do a blog to update you some time tonight!

  4. How cool is that! :) Congratulations.